We can all agree that every woman dream of having beautiful, healthy, and shiny hair, but in order to achieve that we search for not always safe products or chemical treatments that can hurt us and others around. Over the years we witnessed new trends and new products but is there a treatment that will combine both, potentially damaging hair straightening and hair regeneration at the same time? That is where Nanoplasty jumps in and saves the day.

What is Nanoplasty?

Nanoplasty or also called in some regions Nanoplastia is an innovative, permanent hair straightening treatment. It leaves hair deeply moisturized, regenerated, healthy, shiny, and perfectly straight for up to 12 months. It’s the latest alternative to chemical or keratin hair smoothing treatments.

How Nanoplasty work?

The magic behind this treatment is in nanoparticles of organic acids, amino acids, butter, oils and organic moisturizers that deeply penetrate the hair, targets its DNA and change its structure from its core instead of just coating the hair surface like the old fashion ways.

What’s in Nanoplasty?

The best way to answer this question is to tell you what is NOT in it. You will not find any formaldehyde, aldehyde or carbocysteine in its formula making this treatment completely safe for the client and yourself and we can guarantee that.

Why choose Nanoplasty?

• It’s a very exclusive treatment that will bring new clients and revenue to your salon,

• Guarantee of straightening and type of hair, any colour, and any type of curl

• Nanoplasty leaves hair flexible, healthy, smooth, and most importantly deeply regenerated

and straight even for a year,

• Reduces frizz and heals the hair inside out,

• Fully vegan and cruelty-free composition makes the treatment safe for any client including

pregnant women and children

• Does not irritate the eyes or respiratory system.

There is simply nothing better and safer on the market. The list of its advantages can go on, but best

the way is to see the amazing results.