Getting started

Here at Diana Beauty & Creative, we are fortunate enough to work with some truly talented hairdressers and fantastic educators in the industry. You can join several Live Online Classes each month. We’ll be featuring one of our treatments, to show the spectacular results and enable you to adapt our treatments to all your client's individual needs. 

You may wish to consider deepening your knowledge and becoming a fully verified Diana Specialist. A Day Intensive Training course and ongoing support from talented educators will support you to launch and grow the Diana services in your salon business.

We believe that the very best start you can have on your journey is education. It's the key to success and we are confident that on completion of our training programme you will have the confidence, skills, and knowledge to excel with our brand. You will also have access to our community of educators and specialist customers to help you on your journey! 

  • Hair B-Tox
  • Hair Lamination
  • Protein Straightening
  • Nanoplasty

So what are we waiting for? Let’s make this official. Get in touch with us or talk to your Diana Representative to sign up for classes. You’ll receive a Diana certificate, instructions, marketing materials and support no matter whether you get a face-to-face course or an online class.

Our experienced educators are committed to providing exceptional training, workshops, and events to help you elevate your skills and achieve your career goals. Join us and experience the difference of learning from the best in the business.

Meet our Education Team

Hi, I’m Margaret Wijatkowska!

My name is Malgorzata (also Margaret) and I am a certified educator of Diana Beauty & Creative UK! I have years of experience in hair treatment - supported by hundreds of very satisfied clients and students! Amazing brands allowed me to share my great passion, huge knowledge and experience at the highest level. I provide professional training in Nanoplasty, Protein treatment, Hair B-Tox and Express conditioning treatments. I am more than happy to provide Training to suit your needs:

  • Individual training

  • Group training
  • Salon training

If you are a hairdresser I can show you how to perform spectacular and safe treatments with an immediate WOW effect so you could add them to the rest of the services you offer in your salon.

Not related to the hairdressing industry?

Do not worry! I can teach you to perform the most fashionable treatments from scratch so you could become a professional in this field.

For more details, or to book face-to-face courses, please contact me using the information below.


Phone:            07956142373

Website:         Hair Treatments By Gosia


Hi, I’m Martin Bittner!

I started my hairdressing journey in 2004 when I had a great opportunity to work with amazing and talented stylists and became a college teacher delivering levels 1, 2 & 3 hairdressing classes. These days, I feel truly fortunate to be a salon owner in Shrewsbury where I continue to be committed to my passion and actively working with dedicated and gifted people. Moving on to a more demanding path I’ve become a Diana educator as I progressed in my practice. I’m enthusiastic and always deliver above and beyond, taking on many projects in my own spare time.

In my classes, I always try to share my knowledge and experience to inspire others. I really love teaching and helping hairdressers to build self-esteem and believe in themselves.

For more details, or to book face-to-face courses, please contact me using the information below:


Phone:                       07918454017

Phone II:                    01743444292


Hi, I’m Gail Macdonald!

I am a hairdresser with over 15 years of experience in the hair industry. I pride myself on providing quality hair extensions and giving my clients their dream hair – don’t just take my word for it, read the 5 Star Trust Pilot Reviews.

Customer service is so important to me and I want all my guests to feel at home when they are sitting in my chair. They can have a private One to One experience & enjoy every minute of getting their new hair additions fitted. Training and education within the industry are so important to me & I take such pride in passing on my experience to my students.

For more details, or to book face-to-face courses, please contact me using the information below:


Phone:                       07856055952