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This highly effective conditioning and regenerating hair treatment that helps restore dry and damaged hair. Its formaldehyde-free and plant-based formula prevents any hair breakage and makes it safe to use for the client and yourself. Deeply regenerating treatment fills in any broken or thinner areas of every hair strand to make them look and feel fuller and glossy shiny. Organic B-Tox is the best solution to tame frizzy unmanageable hair and make it divinely shiny, strong, and healthy. Do not use this product on cool and bleached blondes unless it is mixed with the Platinum B-Tox.

This treatment improves the natural texture of the hair so that it is more manageable and glossy.
Hair B-Tox won't straighten the hair.


Dry, Unruly, and Frizzy, Dull, Curly


Up to 3 months


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