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Nanoplasty is a vegan, safe treatment that restores the hair structure and permanently straightens any hair type. The new alternative to chemical and keratin treatments.

NanoBlue is a vegan and formaldehyde-free hair straightening treatment that consists of luxurious and natural ingredients to help with hair breakage and deeply nourish it from roots to tips. The product formula is rich in oils and other plant-based moisturising ingredients to soften and smooth the hair as well as cool overly warm, brassy tones. 

Not only does this treatment deliver immediate benefits, but it also provides long-lasting effects. Clients can enjoy the astonishing results of the NanoBlue Treatment for up to 12 months, saving time and effort in their daily haircare routine. Set your salon apart by offering an enduring transformation that will keep clients coming back for more.


Chemically treated hair, Bleached, Warm and/or brassy Blondes, Coloured, Wavy and Curly, Dry and Damaged, Medium porosity and High porosity


Up to 12 months


Professional expertise is crucial in applying and utilizing this treatment effectively. Follow the provided instructions for optimal results and conduct hair elasticity tests as necessary to ensure client safety and satisfaction.

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