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NanoGold a safe and vegan treatment that restores the hair structure and permanently straightens any hair type. 

NanoGold is the main Nano product that contains amino acids, vitamin B, vegan keratin and other beneficial substances that penetrate the cortical layer of the hair and interact at the cellular level under the action of temperature. Due to the plant-based composition, the hair looks healthy, manageable, perfectly straight, and shiny.

Not only does this treatment deliver immediate benefits, but it also provides long-lasting effects. Clients can enjoy the astonishing results of the NanoGold Treatment for up to 12 months, saving time and effort in their daily haircare routine. Set your salon apart by offering an enduring transformation that will keep clients coming back for more.


Most types of hair, Virgin, Natural, Thick, Wavy, Curly and Coily (including Afro-hair texture), Healthy, Low porosity, and Medium porosity


Up to 12 months


Professional expertise is crucial in applying and utilizing this treatment effectively. Follow the provided instructions for optimal results and conduct hair elasticity tests as necessary to ensure client safety and satisfaction.

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