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The conditioning treatment provides a protective barrier for all hair types. Hair B-Tox treatment provides intensive hydration, repairs damaged and broken hair fibers, and reduces frizziness. It is an excellent option for both men and women who looking for a treatment that does not involve any harsh chemicals. To help get hair back on track, the anti-aging and PH-balanced properties of PreNano B-Tox help fill in any of the gaps in the hair’s natural fiber, leaving it looking more youthful in appearance. The product contains beneficial substances e.i. vitamins (E, A, F), antioxidants, and shea butter.

PreNano B-Tox has been specially created to repair damaged hair, preserve colour integrity, and protect it from heat damage. Preparing hair for Nanoplasty or Golden Professional Protein Straightening will not only help you to get the best results but also make the hair looks healthy and shiny for longer.


All types of hair


Up to 2 months

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